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This is Us, Paly '64

It's been awhile since we all got together back in 2014 to talk about the 'old days'. Seems like now would be a good time to relive some memories and reconnect with old friends and with the old neighborhood you grew up in Plao Alto. This survey might also be a bit of a brain teaser too. So have some fun and head back to Palo Alto 1945-64!

Your answers will be visible to all classmates, but your name will not be visible unless you fill in your name on Qustion #1, so don't stress about answering any and all questions!!

AND, you can only see answers from classmates when you have answered at least some of the questions! So jump in, challenge the old memory banks in your brain and have some fun going down the Paly 64 nostalgia road!

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1)   Your Name (Optional!) Did you have a Nickname?

2)   Your PA street address

If lived in more than one address in PA, use the one you lived at the most, or the one you lived at when you went to Paly
3)   Your PA phone number

IE DAvenport 34806
4)   What elementary school did you attend?

If more than one, please cite with grades attended at each
5)   What Junior High did you attend?

6)   Who was in your neighborhood 'gang'?

Who did you hang out with? Elementary School? Junior High? Paly? Other?
7)   What was year & make of the first car you either owned or got to drive?

8)   What was your family's favorite restaurant?

What place, restaurant, burger joint etc did everyone in your family love to go to?
9)   What was your favorite burger or pizza joint in Palo Alto? If not PA, what & where?

IE Linda's in MV?
10)   Who was your favorite teacher at Paly? Why?

Yea, you gotta think a bit to remember back that far!
11)   Who was your favorite elementary school teacher? What do you remember about her/him?

This could be a brain challenging question!
12)   What was your favorite Mom-and-Pop store in Palo Alto back in the day? Why?

Locally owned store. Could be grocery store or any other.
13)   Where were you born?

Stanford Hospital? Vermont? Wherever!
14)   What was your favorite music store to buy records, sheet music etc?

15)   When you purchased records, what speed were they? 33 1/3? 78's? 45's?

If your answer is more than one speed, let us know what you purchased most often
16)   Who was your favorite band/group or what was your favorite genre for music back in the day?

1956-66 era. Not now! Feel free to update on your current favorite!!
17)   What brought your family to Palo Alto?

Employment, housing, schools, quality of life, other?
18)   Thinking back, what year stands out as the most significant in during the years you were growing up in PA? Why?

1945-64 era.
19)   What TV stations could you get at you house in PA back in the day? What were the numbers? Do you remember the call letters? Who in your family served in the capacity of the 'Remote'?

Hint: Channel 9 KQED
Remote question: that person who always seems to be asked to change the channel in your house!
20)   What was your favorite radio station(s) growing up in PA? Can you remember both the call letters and station numbers?

Hint: 810 KGO
21)   What movie theaters did you frequent? Walk up and/or Drive In!

22)   What was your family's primary grocery store?

Where your family did most of their grocery shopping
23)   What was your favorite annual event as kid in PA?

May Day Parade?
24)   What was your favorite Palo Alto park to spend time in?

Lots of options here! Think about! Riconada, Mitchell...
25)   What was your favorite Palo Alto-Stanford-Peninsula sports event back in the day? Why?

What stands out in your mind all these years later
26)   Did your family ever buy a new or used car in the Palo Alto area? What was the name of the dealership? What was the make and year of the car?

27)   In your opinion, was Palo Alto a special place to grow up? Why?

28)   Summertime, back in the day: what did you do to beat the heat? Beach, lakes, public pools, backyard pools, sprinklers? Other?! Who did you hangout with during the summers of our Paly years?

Give us some names and locations! Which pools, which beaches etc. And who was your in your summertime group?
29)   Summertimes in Palo Alto: what was your go to place for ice-cream, root beer floats etc?

Cold treats to cool down with! It's fine to say it was your good old home refrigerator too!
30)   Summertimes in Palo Alto: did you have a part time job? Where? Doing what? Do you remember how much you got paid?

If more than one job over the time we were at Paly (1961-64), try to mention them all! Your pay?
31)   Summertimes in Palo Alto: did you go cruising in a car on hot summer nights? Whose car? Where did you go? With whom? And who paid for the gas? And do you remember how much gas cost?

Honor system: don't Google the cost of gas back in the day!