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Dr. Anthony Fauci to Coach K: ‘We’re not even at halftime’ in fight against COVID-19

Rob Dauster

NBC Sports


Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on the radio show of Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski — Basketball and Beyond with Coach K — on Thursday to discuss our nation’s battle with coronavirus and COVID-19. Fauci is an immunologist that has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984.

In an interview with Coach K that was overrun with basketball analogies, Fauci stressed the same talking points that he has stressed in every appearance that he has made over the course of the last month: The coronavirus pandemic is incredibly serious, we have not yet come close to winning the fight against it and the only way to save lives, slow this thing down and get back to normal is social distancing.

In simple terms, Fauci, again, told Krzyzewski we need to stay at home if they want COVID-19 to be a thing of the past.

“The [battle with coronavirus] is going to go on for several weeks, Coach K,” Fauci said. “The issue is that we have a large country and we have different metropolitan areas.”

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“If you want to do the basketball analogy, that right now we have a team that’s a very powerful team, and that’s the virus, and what we need to do is that we’ve got to play a full-court press. We can’t let them get the ball on the ground to dribble. We’ve just got to be all over them,” he added. “I mean, that’s what we’ve really got to do, because that’s the only tool we have right now.”

Fauci also told Krzyzewski that we are “not even at halftime,” and that the only way to truly combat the coronavirus is to do everything we can as a nation to avoid contact with other human beings.

“We are not yet at the point where we’re turning the corner and we’re coming around the bend and coming down as a country,” Fauci said later, a reference to flattening the curve. “There are some cities that have not yet even begun to spike and it’s our absolute responsibility to make sure that in those cities that people understand what they need to do to prevent that explosive spike that New York City has seen, that New Orleans has seen, that parts of New Jersey have seen, Detroit and on and on.”

These talking points are not new.

It’s what we’ve been hearing for months on end. It’s the reason sports in our country have been postponed for the foreseeable future, to avoid a situation like the one stemming from a Champions League soccer match in Italy.

Fauci has been steadfast in his efforts to get this message out. In addition to Coach K’s radio show, he appeared on an Instagram live with Stephen Curry and did an interview with Pardon My Take. It’s clear what he is trying to do, reaching the largest cross section of sports fans that he can. Put another way, I’d imagine the venn diagram of people that listen to Coach K’s radio show and Pardon My Take is basically two circles.

Hopefully people are listening.

Dr. Anthony Fauci to Coach K: ‘We’re not even at halftime’ in fight against COVID-19originally appeared on NBCSports.com



Link to a Trump Impersonator! Pretty Funny!






Nort Thornton was a revered teacher and coach at Paly for 25 years, and his record is unmatched.  His water polo and swimming teams were nationally ranked.  His water polo teams were league champions for 25 consecutive years, and were undefeated from 1948-51, and his swimming teams were also league champions for many years.  Join us in honoring this extraordinary man and his accomplishments.
We would like to compete our fundraising by the end of March, with the plaque installed later in the spring.  We ask you to make your tax-deductible donations online or by check to the Paly Sports Boosters, a 501c3 corporation affilated wtih Palo Alto High School. 
Please make checks payable to:                                               Online donations.  Click on link below.
PALY SPORTS BOOSTERS / Thornton Fund                               https://palysportsboosters.org/nort-thornton
Mail to:                                                                                        
Paly Sports Boosters / Thornton Fund
Palo Alto High School
50 Embarcadero Road                                                       send questions to: dmacinfo@comcast.net
Palo Alto, California 94301
Sponsoring Committee: George Read '53, Jim Anderson '53, Roger Baer '58, Pete Browne '58, Alan Davis '57, Paly Swim Coach, Danny Dye, Ro Davis '64, George French '58, David Freidenrich '53, Jamie Hawley '57, Mac McClellan '58, Don McPhail '58, John Northway '58, Pete Reed '57


                           Attention Paly '64 Alumni Authors!


Do you want to have your publications listed on the All Paly Alumni website (see link to the left side of this page): 


Please follow the instructions below and then email to me and I will submit to the All Paly Alum webmaster.

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If you would like your publication(s) listed, please provide the following information: Author name, graduation year, Publication/Book Title and link to your website and/or link to where the book can be purchased. You may also include a photo (optional).  When you're information is received, a private email address will be provided where you can send a photo (head-shot) to accompany your posting. 





Paly Journalism Project: Now Complete! Every Campanile, Madrono etc is now completley digitalized. Everything since 1895







Welcome to the Palo Alto High School Campus Tour! 

Visit Paly and enjoy the tour in person, or on your phone or tablet. 

The campus map lists tour locations. Move to a location and click on the corresponding information on the map to learn more about Paly’s past, present and future. But first, a little history. Palo Alto incorporated in 1894 and owes its existence to David Starr Jordan, the then President of Stanford University who offered the 30 acres at $1.00/acre, so it’s no surprise that its earliest residents sought the best education for their children. 

Palo Alto High School March to the New School on December 24, 1918. Watch the video for some history!

You can link to the playlist on YouTube from here https://goo.gl/ULTEGt or click on the highlighted links below.


Paly Campus Tour - Introduction


Paly Campus Tour - The Tower Building 

The Tower Building and Haymarket Theater are the only original buildings on campus. New and remodeled buildings reflect their distinctive architectural details. Learn more about Paly's past present and future by listening to this history of the Tower Building.

You can link to the playlist on YouTube from here https://goo.gl/ULTEGt or click on the individual links below.

Paly Campus Tour - Anna Zschokke School Founder 

Paly Campus Tour - Visual Performing Arts Haymarket and PAC 

Paly Campus Tour - Media Arts Center 

Paly Campus Tour - Classrooms and Programs

Paly Campus Tour - Science and Career Tech Center 

Paly Campus Tour - Athletics and Fields 

Paly Campus Tour - Peery Family Center 

Paly Campus Tour - Quad, Student Activities and Tour Ends 

To access from your phone or tablet, open a browser and type in the URL https://palyguidedtour.github.io
















































































































































































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