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(Jabin Botsford/The Post)

White House considers unilateral moves amid stalemate with Congress 

The administration is holding talks on what it can do to try to address some of the economic fallout from the pandemic if no relief deal is reached with Congress, according to two people aware of the deliberations.

By Erica Werner and Jeff Stein ●  Read more »


White House steps back from Trump suggestion about delaying election

The election will take place Nov. 3 as planned, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said.

By Joseph Marks ●  Read more »


San Francisco flattened the curve early. Now, coronavirus cases are surging.

The Bay Area’s progressive residents generally have been inclined to follow the rules. But more than four months after the region put some of the nation’s first shelter-in-place orders in effect, it has become a cautionary tale for government and health officials.

By Heather Kelly and Rachel Lerman ●  Read more »


A vaccine won’t change the world right away

The confident depiction by politicians and companies that a vaccine is imminent may give people unrealistic beliefs about how soon the world can return to normal — and may spark resistance to simple strategies to tamp down transmission.

By Carolyn Y. Johnson ●  Read more »


Biden’s delay in choosing running mate worries his allies

The presumptive Democratic nominee has extended his search by as much as two weeks. Even some longtime allies are concerned that the process is pitting women, especially Black women, against one another.

Election 2020 ●  By Annie Linskey ●  Read more »


A Southern sheriff seeking another reelection wonders whether his county is ready to elect his Black opponent

The Grady County, Ga., election has become a referendum not just on another four-year term for Harry Young but on all he’s come to represent in a county where the face of law enforcement had always been White and male.

By Stephanie McCrummen ●  Read more »



To fight covid-19, Congress has to reward state cooperation 


By Danielle Allen ●  Read more »


The GOP’s stimulus disaster starts with the president


By James Downie ●  Read more »


Trump has wasted his chance to rally U.S. allies against China


By Jackson Diehl ●  Read more »


President Trump is committed to defending the U.S., and Russia knows it


By Robert C. O’Brien ●  Read more »


Trump’s push to spoil the census — and make Democrats disappear


By Editorial Board ●  Read more »


The Internet’s threat is more about national security than the economy


By Robert Samuelson ●  Read more »


More News

Isaias scrapes Florida, set to unleash heavy rain along East Coast

Flooding from rain and rising seas could affect every coastal state from Florida to Maine.

By Andrew Freedman and Jason Samenow ●  Read more »


Microsoft to continue acquisition discussions with TikTok after talking with Trump

The president previously indicated he was not in favor of a deal and said that he planned to ban TikTok in the United States.

By Rachel Lerman ●  Read more »


Astronauts aboard SpaceX capsule splash down in the Gulf of Mexico

Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken, who spent two months on the International Space Station, completed the first crewed launch from U.S. soil since the end of the space shuttle program in 2011.

By Jacob Bogage and Christian Davenport ●  Read more »


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