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•   David Vonasek  9/19
•   Delaine R. Markis (Brown)  9/18
•   Peter V. L. Krupp  9/18
•   David M. Gibson  9/18
•   Diane Carlson (Weisenburger)  9/17
•   Kathe Hildreth (Paine)  9/17
•   Lois Kelly (Harrison)  9/16
•   Paula Corbett (Walker)  9/14
•   Tina Hodges (Kramer)  9/14
•   Rebecca Matteson (Paly '65) (Nelson)  9/14
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•   Timothy David Benintendi  9/23
•   Virginia N. Mercer (Northridge)  9/23
•   John Jay Waters  9/23
•   Jorane B Watson (Autry)  9/23
•   Kathleen Cooley (Carrol)  9/24
•   Normandie Holt (Callahan)  9/24
•   Jill Pryor  9/25
•   William E. Louchard  9/26
•   Carolyn L. McLeod  9/26
•   Kathleen Porta (Dodd)  9/26
•   Norman John Hulse (Hulse)  9/27
•   Judy Coston (Coleman)  9/28
•   Ronald E. Roth  9/28
•   Bonnie J. Scales  9/29
•   Thomas Allen Smith  9/29
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Rewind for 9/21/14


This YouTube Video Submitted by Marie Tanner  

Very Cool! Thanks, Marie!!


Paly '64 50 Year Reunion Weekend

October 3-5! 205 to Attend the Main Event!

Still Want to Buy a Ticket?  Contact Us ASAP! 

[Urgent: Please update your Reunion Registration with your elementary school, Jr High and where you will be staying for Reunion Weekend! Elementary School Photos? Perhaps! Be carefeul & Don't delete anything though!!]


Signup Totals as of September 19th!   New Information Below!

Recent "But Not Late" Arrivals: David Gibson, Delaine Markus, Kathe Hildreth, David Sonnichsen, Barbara Hopkins, Richard Allen Heinichen, Tim Hodges, Katherine Kirkhart, Ronald Roth, Diane Balter, Elizabeth Gage, David Benepe, Loren 'Laurie' Duca, Susan Agramonte, John Rose, Bob Kocher, Jim Egeberg...we do have a bigger room at the Sheraton!!

October 3rd 5:00PM Meet & Greet at Marty's:  177 (136 Classmates) 226 Oak Grove Ave, Atherton Ca 94027. Valet parking will be provided. Directions will be posted soon. Marty lives right behind/north of Menlo Atherton HS! Dress: Jeans! Be comfortable and ready for fun!

Guys: Jeans or Togas!  Recall Whitey Greene telling us to "Let our inner beauty shine through"! laugh

October 4th  10:30AM Paly Campus Tour:  137 (103 Classmates) Meet at The 'Haymarket' Theater, Embarcadero Road Entrance/Arrive Early as Parking is at a Premium due to Campus Construction on the North Portion of the Campus. Additional parking available at Churchill Ave Entrance. Bring a lunch (The Cheese House is still Really Good!) for Picnic afterwards! Allow 90 minutes for tour! 

The Main Event 5:00PM at the Sheraton PA:  205 (154 Classmates) 625 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, which is adjacent/South of University Ave. Right Where the Animal Shelter used to be!

Dress: Basic Black Pants! Be Comfortable and Ready for Fun! Guys: Resort Casual or Tuxedos! Sorry, No Togas! frown

Sunday Farewells at Your Leisure:  82 (61 Classmates) Breakfast or Brunch at the Sheraton PA, Joanie's on California Ave, or another place of your choosing! No Host! 

Reunion Tickets: Some of you want to know when you get em' will pick em' up at the Reunion! Saves us money we would have spent on stamps...more money for salsa, chips and spam at the Reunion!

2012 Paly's Marching Band Performing at Hod Ray Field


YouTube Video Submitted by Whitey Greene: Virtual Tour of the Sheraton PA Hotel. Whitey was there for an MBA Seminar recently. Views of the ACTUAL Paly Reunion Site! Thanks, Whitey! Not sure why Whitey appears to be driving a RED Suv, however. Those are Gunn HS colors!










Universal 12 Step Meetings

We will meet in Room 1052 at the Sheraton on Saturday between 3-4pm and Sunday 8:30-9:30am.  The meeting is open to all 12 Steppers including AA, Alanon, NA, OA and others.  The purpose of this meeting is to have a safe place for all Anonymous Fellowships to meet, and, to introduce anyone, who is interested to the 12 steps of Recovery.  Questions, please call Barbara S. at 650-465-8882. 


Friends of Bill W (AA)(and all 12 Step programs): Paly ’64 classmates as well as their guests will have access to a hosted 12 Step meeting on Saturday and Sunday in a room at the Sheraton at times to be determined.  This room will also be available for all who wish to gather for coffee, tea and conversation at other times as well. For further information, please contact Barbara S. at 650-465-8882 (text or voice). [New Announcement as of August 22, 2015]


Paly Class of '64


50th Reunion Celebration

Sheraton Hotel - Palo Alto


See Menu Item - Tickets/Registration




Travel the Nostalgia Road!

Time to Reminisce a little bit and to have a little bit of Fun!


The Grooveshark Music Player below has over 200 songs on it! Select a favorite and play!

Paly by Roland Davis on Grooveshark

Spring Performance of "Antigone" with Paul Grobstein, Peggy Bradley as Antigone, Ronna Van Valkenburgh, Kenneth Glazier as Creon, Haukur Hazen, Sue Payne, Jacquie Van Rysellberghe, Bonnie Shirley, Evelyn Hu, Roz Dutton et al

Paly Campus, Circa 1920's