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SixtyfOregon Reunion

The Sixtyforegon reunion was an unqualified success, and it came to be because of dozens of emails from Pete getting us together.  (The emails between him and me probably reached the hundreds!) When the party crashers - Jane Benedict and husband George - showed up, Pete and I looked at each other thinking “Yes indeed, this is a PARTY!”

Pat Hagan came a day early and she was a big help with preparations and socializing.

We got started about noon and the party wound along until almost 2 am – still around the outside table to the end were Pete, me, Pat, David H., Ilka and Tim. (those last 2 were the night owls keeping us going.)

Notice the photos with Lucia & Ilka and Tim and Jackie studying those green cards? They were working on the Sixforegon bingo game I created. The squares had descriptions of us drawn from the yearbook and the website and party goers had to figure out who fit the descriptions. A theatrical purple cake eater (Jackie); wordsmith & made a living at it (David S.); goal was to be rich (Tim); a Renaissance woman (Marilyn)… and there were prizes!

Pretty classy beautiful green t-shirts with the Campanile Pete had made for us, no?

On Sunday morning the party wound down with a petanque (boules) match in the front yard and Tim’s natural athletic ability was evident, but the women pulled out a win using Tim’s wife Ilka as the closer on the girls team.  (Bruce says the men actually came from behind to win with a high-scoring ball Pete threw. So?)

Even with this small group I was left wondering why I hadn’t talked with more people about more things…but as people departed we were all asking where we’d meet next time. Ashland, maybe? (Kathy’s willing, and it’s certainly more convenient for the Oregon wannabes from California.)

The most possible perfect Oregon weather was a welcomed guest as well!

-Claire Kellogg

Note: SixtyfOregon was held May 30, 2015 at Claire Kellogg and Bruce Betzer's Home in Beavercreek, Oregon. Co-Hosted by Claire & Peter Krupp. All photos courtesy of Peter.


[These Photos are also located under Paly '64 Photo Galleries. That gallery might be a little easier to view along with captions & names!]